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Mike Newport is a film, TV and trailer music composer working between New Zealand, Los Angeles and England. He has scored a wide range of productions from epic blockbuster trailers to quirky indie films and thrives on the variety.

His music has featured in spots for 'Pirates of the Caribbean',  'Altered Carbon' for Netflix and 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children' amongst many others.

He happily works from his home studio on Auckland’s North Shore, where he lives with his wife and two young daughters.










DOWN  (2018) 

Director – Mikey Lance

Altered Carbon - Trailer (2018) 

Production Company – NETFLIX

Weapon (2018) 

Director – Simon Tate

Mingo Road (2018) 

Director – Douglas Conant

Blind Panic (2018) 

Director – Mark Willis

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - Trailer (2017) 

Director – Joachim Rønning

Bill's Leaving (2017) 

Director – Brian Phares

The Triple Phantom (2017) 

Director – Ning Yee

Shadow (2017) 

Director – Matthew Walker

Stuntman (2017) 

Director – Pavel Kvatch

Mega Time Squad (2017) 

Director – Tim van Dammen

When the Bough Breaks - Trailer (2017) 

Director – Jon Cassar

Colonia - Trailer (2017) 

Director – Florian Gallenberger

Generational Sins (2017) 

Director – Spencer T. Folmar

30 Nights (2017) 

Director – Tom W. Metz

Andover (2017) 

Director – Scott Perlman

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Trailer  (2016) 

Director – Tim Burton

Guardians Of Night (2016) 

Director – Rocky Jo

Have You Tried Maybe Not Worrying (2016) 

Director – Rachel Ross

No Caller ID (2016) 

Director – Guy Pigden

Duck Duck Goose (2016) 

Director – Ben Hobbs

Everest - Trailer (2015) 

Director – Baltasar Kormákur

No Escape - Trailer (2015) 

Director – John Erick Dowdle

25 April  (2015) –  Trailer Music (With Sencit Music)

Director – Leanne Pooley

Weta Digital Short (2015) 

Director – Joe Letteri

Deathgasm (2015)  (Additional Music with BigPop Studios)

Director – Jason Lei Howden 

 I Survived A Zombie Holocaust (2015)

Director – Guy Pigden

 The Light Harvester (2013)

Director – Jason Lei Howden

Gold Gold Gold! (2012)

Director – Pavel Kvatch

Pretty Brutal (2012)

Director – Monica De Alwis

 The Replacement Protocol (2012)

Director – Neil Mayo

 Timpson Films Logo (2012)

Director – Ant Timpson
(Produced/Composed by BigPop Music)

Demoted (2011)  (Additional Source Music)

“Harden Up” Co-Written with A. Thorne – Published by Native Tongue Music

 Billy (2011) – Additional Source Music

Comedia Productions
(Produced/Composed by BigPop Music)

 Blue (2011) – Winner of Best Short Film at Cannes Critics’ Week

Director – Stephen Kang
(Produced/Composed by BigPop Music)

Devil’s Rock (2011) – Additional Trailer Music

Director – Paul Campion

Fart Tax the Musical (2009)

 Director - Anton Steel

Different Directions (2007)

Director - Araceli Fernandez

Somewhere To Belong (2006)

Director - Kate Smith

Being You (2006)

The SeaChange Trust

Kiss Me (2006)

The SeaChange Trust






Wilde Ride  (2017) 

Director – Justin Harwood 

John Britten Tribute (2015) 

Director – Sam Britten 

Lexus Ad Campaign (2012)

 (Produced/Composed by BigPop Music)

 SuperNanny (2011)

Series – Lifetime
(Produced/Composed by BigPop Music)

My Life As Liz (2011)

Series – MTV
(Produced/Composed by BigPop Music)

Google Maori Translation Tools, Short (2010)

Director - Justin Harwood, Tomorrowland

Late With Kate TV Theme (2010) 

Series - TV3
(Produced/Composed by BigPop Music)

Styl'd (2010)

Series – MTV
(Produced/Composed by BigPop Music)

NYC Housewives (2010)

Series – Bravo
(Produced/Composed by BigPop Music)

Backyard To Battlefield (2010)

Series - Military Channel
(Produced/Composed by BigPop Music)

Catch It Keep It (2010)

Series - Science Channel
(Produced/Composed by BigPop Music)

Why We Race: The Mustang (2010)

Series - Discovery Channel
(Produced/Composed by BigPop Music)

Gadget’s Electric Garage (2010)

Series - Discovery Channel
(Produced/Composed by BigPop Music)

Marie Stopes International, Short (2010)

Director – Eve Ash

Finding My Magic Season 2 (2010)

12 Episodes - Director - Eve Ash

 Finding My Magic Season 1 (2009) 

4 Episodes - Director - Eve Ash

The Missing (2009)

Series – Screentime
(Produced/Composed by BigPop Music)