Tom W. Metz III - Director / Co-Producer 30 Nights

Making a feature film involves hundreds of decisions every day.  And I can honestly say that choosing Mike Newport as my composer was absolutely one of the best decisions I made throughout the entire production.  His knowledge of music and how it relates to mood and pacing was invaluable, and his ability and willingness to respond to notes and suggestions was unparalleled.  Mike is a dream collaborator and helped make my film so much better once he was a part of it.  I would recommend him whole-heartedly to any filmmaker looking for a composer that needs a smart and talented artist who is also very adaptable to any film situation.

Wayne Slaten - Director Dropa

Mike delivered a moving score that was beautifully executed. He was easy to work with and understood the vision for the film as well as the complexities of the storyline. The end result was a music score that took our film to another level.

Tim van Dammen - Director Mega Time Squad

I absolutely love working with Mike. He is an incredible talent and a generous collaborator with a talent and unique voice that brought the soul of Mega Time Squad to life.

Brian Phares - Director Bill's Leaving

Mike had great energy, enthusiasm, and most importantly a quick turnaround time with no sacrifice on quality. Working with him felt like a genuine collaboration as we figured out what worked and what didn't, ultimately landing on the perfect sound for the project. And we were able to make all of this happen while I was on vacation, twelve time zones away!

Spencer T. Folmar - Director Generational Sins 

Mike Newport is the most hard working and talented composer that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Mike finishes before deadlines, never complains, and really has such a incredible gift as a musician. I could not recommend him more highly - an incredible talent and a pleasure to work with. 

Carl Firth - Director The Immortal 

Mike was highly collaborative and responsive to our ideas, while always maintaining a point of view that crafted The Immortal's score into something moving, exciting and original. On a project that was nearly wall to wall music, this was no small feat! Mike was an absolute pleasure to work with and I can't recommend him highly enough. 

Pavel Kvatch - Director Stuntman 

There was never any unease in the collaborative relationship with Mike. That's down to the professionalism and positivity which he brings every day. Always willing to experiment with new ideas and explore creative boundaries. Absolute pleasure working with him!

Shannon Cairns - Producer Wilde Ride 

Having Mike on board from the start of our project was really helpful and from this point he completely nailed the brief (even when it changed….  as they do!).
In terms of workflow he was and is a pleasure to work with, he has an amazing ability to respond to very specific demands and changes in a way that still maintains the integrity of the work and in fact betters the project as a whole. I throughly recommend him.

Bruce Everett - Co-Producer Band of Brothers 

I’ve had the pleasure to work with some well known composers over the years and delighted to recommend Mike Newport as a capable creative leader of the new generation coming up behind the old school. Mike understands music’s role in supporting the narrative, he is easy to work with and responsive - creating quality WIPs as well as beautifully engineered original score that carries scale while also penning some lovely, memorable tunes.

Rachel Ross - Director Have You Tried Maybe Not Worrying 

Mike is such a pleasure to  collaborate with. He is patient, persistent, dedicated, has a great eye and ear for detail and brings so many great ideas to the table! When you're working in  a team it's so key to be able to work with people you can bounce ideas off - and Mike is one of those. It's always a vulnerable process bringing together a project and Mike is sensitive to that, as well as passionate about bringing out that vulnerability through his music.